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unitedforwardpost.com is an independently owned private business entity that helps service it’s customers by streamlining the address change and address forwarding requests. This site and services are not affiliated or endorsed by any government organization.

unitedforwardpost.com acts as an authorized agent for our users who wish to file their address change request with the USPS. Filling form to change your address with US Postal Service has never been so easy. Just fill this online form, whether you are an Individual, Family or Business and change your address with US Postal Service. It just takes just 2 minutes to fill this form which is completely online and change of address with Post office gets completed. No standing in queues or the need to visit Post Office. Quick address change USPS at your fingertips. You can save your time and hassle of waiting at the post office by allowing us to handle your address forward request. This service includes the fee of filing charge, and we will file your official address change request with the USPS®. Our service, along with the added benefit of notifying over 39 different companies, is provided to you for a one-time low price. You may also change your address online by visiting USPS.com, please note that you will be charged a small handling fee by them. unitedforwardpost.com is a private business entity that facilitates the address change request process for its users and is not affiliated with the Post Office ™ or any other government agency but does act as an agent for those wishing to submit an address change filing to USPS ®. Using unitedforwardpost.com service also entitles you to receive a free discount booklet. Please note that all references to and trademarks of the USPS used on this site are the exclusive property of the United States Postal Services. unitedforwardpost.com does not claim any ownership of any products or services belonging to the USPS.

When performing an address change, unitedforwardpost.com acts as an independent agent for customers who wish to file their address change request with the USPS. This service is provided for a one-time fee and is bundled together with our moving related services. We help facilitate address change request with over 50 different companies as well, which our users find extremely beneficial. If you wish to file an address change with the USPS without any assistance with other additional benefits, you may do so directly with the USPS by visiting USPS.com, although there is a small handling fee. Users submitting their address change request will also receive unlimited address change filing services for 90 days* with the USPS. If you wish, you may change the address yourself directly at USPS.com, and pay a small handling fee they charge. The official address change request with the USPS is performed upon submitting the information electronically with the USPS and may take 72 hours or more to appear in the USPS system. The accuracy of any and all information submitted to unitedforwardpost.com is the responsibility of the customer and use of this website is subject to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user. If you have any further questions, please visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach us.

All Sales are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a no-questions-asked refund policy and 100% care about our customer service. If you have any questions, or are not satisfied with our service, simply reach out to us and we’ll take care of it! Our 100% refund policy is a sure winner around here!

United Forward Post provides movers with the only 1-stop changes of address concierge service that updates every-one-the US Post Office,all your companies and personal contacts.We do all the work.You'll save hours of precious time and avoice lost or late mail at the same time.
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